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Vertical blinds

Fashionable and practical

For the perfect balance of light, privacy and of course style, take a look at Vertical blinds. Providing fingertip control over shade, they allow sunlight to gently filter into your room while keeping prying eyes out. And they provide a fantastic contemporary alternative to old-fashioned nets.

Bluebell Blinds Verticals are available in a wide selection of neutrals and whites. Or if you prefer, you can choose something a little more vibrant to add a splash of brightness to your window. Our latest collection includes gorgeous textures and designs.
Vertical blinds can be fitted in all types of windows too, such as bays and sloping windows.

Vertical louvre blinds consist of two basic elements, a rigid headrail containing louvre carriers incorporating rotatable hooks and a set of louvres with each louvre hanging from one of the hooks. The carriers traverse along the length of the headrail and are connected to each other in such a way that they can be bunched together at one or both ends of the headrail or drawn out along the full width of the headrail. When drawn out, the distance between adjacent hooks is less than the width of the louvres. Therefore when the hooks rotate the blind to the closed position each louvre overlaps the louvre or louvres next to itself.

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